Turning WTF to OMG, one how-to video at a time.

A picture is worth 1000 words, but a great video never stops talking.

If you've ever typed "how to..." into Google then you know exactly why demo videos are not only nifty, but necessary. 

And, did you know that You Tube is actually the 2nd biggest search engine? 

Why? Because videos are the fastest way for customers to get to know who you are and how your product works. The trick is to go beyond the nuts and bolts of the information and make it entertaining and useful.

"Can't I just do them myself?"

Yes. But my guess is that the reason you're so successful at your business is that you really know your stuff. A smartphone, someone in your office with a pleasant voice and basic editing software do not generally give you the kind of results you really want. 

Hiring us means that we'll use our marketing and production smarts to discover exactly what you need and deliver a video that is strategic, engaging and informative.

At your service

Thinking Cap Productions is a full-service video production company. We start by developing a smart, creative strategy, write scripts, handle all aspects of production including casting, shooting, audio, editing and ultimately deliver a commercial quality HD video that you can use everywhere online videos can possibly go (and make your mom really proud).

Whether you're ready for that video that cuts through the clutter and converts viewers to customers, or just looking to pick our brains, email us at: