The thing I come up against time and time again is people love the videos I've created from concept to execution. They love the production value, the messaging and that they learn something every time. But, "Um, can't I, you know, just shoot it on my iPhone? I heard they're shooting movies on iPhones nowadays."

Yes, yes you can! And chances are you should. What you should not do yourself is spend the time, energy and, I'm assuming, some amount of money without a clear marketing and branding strategy in place.

This means not just figuring out exactly what you want to say on camera (or phone as the case may be), but why you're saying it. Are you selling something? Explaining something? Establishing yourself as an authority on a subject?

Ha, trick question, the answer is ALWAYS selling something, the others are just methods of doing so.

One of the approaches I always take is to map out how to maximize the content by nailing down a strategy and content schedule. Don't shoot something every time you want a new video when, with a little guidance, you can knock out enough content in one day to potentially create a dozen videos. All with specific goals.

Some videos are better on YouTube, others are naturals for Facebook or even Instagram. Shooting videos with no marketing plan in place is as useful as talking to your dog. It feels good to do, but it's not really going to help you.

I don't care what business you're in, you need to be using videos to promote it, just do me favor and be open to DIMY--doing it mostly yourself. Let's schedule a time to talk. First 15 minutes is on me.

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AuthorBetsy Cadel